Borderless AI Emerges from Stealth with $27M in Seed Funding to Bring the First AI Agent to Global HR
Willson Cross


Building Borderless AI

Co-founder & CEO of GoFetch, sold in 2018

New York University (dropped out)

Hi there! I'm Willson Cross

Currently building Borderless AI — the first company in the world to have an AI agent for Global HR. 

Our proprietary AI agent, Alberni, uses conversational AI to perform many tasks such as generating international employment agreements, automating global expense reimbursements, tracking time requests, and many other facets along the HR stack.

Borderless AI comes in the midst of a massive trend: “vertical-specific AI”. Companies that are applying AI agents to specific verticals who have emerged from stealth in early 2024:

Prior to my work at Borderless AI, I dropped out of New York University to start a company called GoFetch. We raised $3.5M+ and grew the team to 45 employees before selling the business in 2018. We competed with Rover and Wag.

In my early college days, I started one of the first ever college crypto job boards when the price of Bitcoin was ~$450.00 USD.

Employees smiling and chatting in WeWork space

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  • My team and I are building the hardest working start-up in Toronto.

  • We work long hours, but have a blast doing so.

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